4 Days in Taipei

4 Days in Taipei

On our recent trip to Taiwan, we decided to limit ourselves to Taipei in the hope that we could explore the city better. In retrospect, we were quite successful! With only 4 days in Taipei, we managed to experience some of the best this vibrant city had to offer.

4 Days in Taipei

During 4 days in Taipei, we were able to:

– see the most famous places of interest in and near Taipei (Taipei 101, National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei Tianhou Temple, Shifen, Jiufen, Beitou Thermal Valley)
– visit 4 markets (Shilin, Ning Xia, Ximen, Raohe)
– eat some of the most recommended Taiwanese dishes (pancakes, noodles, soya milk, youtiao, dumpling, hotpot, stinky tofu, ice cream rolls, mashed taro)
– sample 3 milk tea brands (Hello Kitty, Ten Ren, 50 Lan)
– enjoy smoothie at the world-renowned, CNN-recommended Smoothie House

Also, we had the opportunities to use all types of public transport in Taipei: MRT, train, bus, taxi.

What a memorable trip!

Below are 4 videos summarizing our activities during 4 days in Taipei (All videos are in Full HD)

Day 1

Highlights of Day 1:

– Taoyuan International Airport
– Taoyuan Airport MRT
– Juice Bear
– Hotel Puri Taipei Station Branch
– Taipei 101
– National Palace Museum
– Local sweet shop
– Shilin Market
– Ning Xia Night Market

Day 2

Highlights of Day 2:

– Taipei Main Station
– Local noodles shop
– Sandiaoling Station
– Shifen Station
– Shifen Old Street
– Lantern flying
– Jing’an Suspension Bridge
– Ruifang Station
– Jiufen
– Hello Kitty milk tea

Day 3

Highlights of Day 3:

– Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
– Guard Changing Ceremony
– Local dim sum shop
– Ximen
– Taipei Tianhou Temple
– Ten Ren milk tea
– Ximen Walker
– Raohe Street Night Market
– Hotpot and stinky tofu

Day 4

Highlights of Day 4:

– Xinbeitou Station
– Xinbeitou Hot Spring Zone
– Beitou Thermal Valley
– Green sulfur spring
– Dongmen Station
– Smoothie House
– Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancake
– Taipei Bus Station
– 50 Lan milk tea

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