An Opera Experience in Sydney

Waiting for Hot Brown Honey at Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is well-known worldwide as the icon of Sydney.

This superstructure was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, who won in a competition involving architects from 32 countries.

He encountered and solved many engineering issues when carrying out this project but suddenly resigned when it was almost completed due to lack of support. He never returned to Australia.

The Sydney Opera House was finally finished at a cost much higher than previously managed by Utzon. It was opened in 1973 and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

Sydney Opera House from Sydney Harbour Bridge

The structure lies on Sydney Harbour near the Sydney Harbour Bridge and next to the Sydney central business district.

The unique design of the Sydney Opera House causes the building to be visually perceived differently at different times of the day or when it is viewed from different angles.

Sydney Opera House at night in close proximity

Having heard about the renowned Hot Brown Honey, we decided to book 2 tickets for this show at the Sydney Opera House, just one day before it finished its season here and moved on to Edinburgh!

Hot Brown Honey poster

Viewers queuing for Hot Brown Honey in front of the Studio at Sydney Opera House

Featuring Kim “Busty Beatz” Bowers, Hot Brown Honey is a colourful mix of comedy, singing, rapping, dancing, circus, striptease, and more. In the Studio of the Sydney Opera House, these elements were brilliantly showcased.

Stage inside the Studio

We were particularly impressed by the way the Honeys interacted with the audience as well as the very positive co-operation they got in response.

All in all, our night with Hot Brown Honey in the Sydney Opera House was a memorable one!

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