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Christopher Nolan‘s Dunkirk, the most awaited movie in 2017, was finally released on July 21, more than a year after shooting began. Joining crowds of movie fans, we went to see this thriller at CGV Vincom Đồng Khởi last Sunday. Almost 10 days after it was first screened in Vietnam, the movie was still a box office leader.

CGV Vincom Đồng Khởi is on the 3rd floor of Vincom Center in District 1. With large seats and good facilities, this is our preferred place to watch movies in Ho Chi Minh City. As with other movies, our tickets were booked online. At the cinema, we simply printed the tickets out using a self-ticketing machine located in the waiting lounge. A bag of popcorn was added and we were ready for Dunkirk!

Dunkirk poster

The movie revolves around the Dunkirk evacuation or Operation Dynamo in World War Two, during which more than 330,000 Allied soldiers surrounded by Nazi German troops were evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk (Dunkerque) in Northern France in 1940.

Nolan postponed the making of Dunkirk for 25 years, choosing to accumulate experience with other blockbusters before embarking on this movie. And the result could not be better. Dunkirk was an immediate box office success.

Unlike other much advertised movies which soon sent us to sleep, Dunkirk was a real thriller. For two hours, we were kept in suspense as we followed the emotions of the Allied soldiers on the screen. They could see no actual enemies but death could come at any time, anywhere.

A scene from Dunkirk

Nolan tells the Dunkirk story in a unique, three-dimensional perspective. On land, at sea, or in the air, the soldiers all find themselves on the thin line between life and death. Combined with the use of the high resolution IMAX 70 mm film format, this results in a masterpiece.

Some critics proclaim Dunkirk as one of the best war movies ever made. For us, Dunkirk is not only about war. It is about human beings’ relentless struggle for survival in the face of death.

Leaving the cinema, we felt as if life had taken on a whole new meaning. If the soldiers under such hardship could endure and survive, why should we surrender to minor daily troubles?

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