Tuy Hòa, Mằng Lăng Church, Ghềnh Đá Dĩa

Mằng Lăng Church

Day 2, Nha Trang – Tuy Hòa trip, June 03-05, 2017 Day 1 Day 3

For us, a full recharge after a day’s ride is absolutely necessary, especially when the weather was sweltering. Cendeluxe, currently the only 5-star hotel in Tuy Hòa, catered to this need quite well. It offered both a delicious buffet-style breakfast with ample food choices and a big swimming pool where we spent quite some time revitalizing.

Indoor swimming pool at Cendeluxe Hotel

Exploration only resumed at noon when we had a brief tour of the city looking for a lunch stop. Having heard about the trademark chả dông and nem nướng of Tuy Hòa, we decided to sample both at Phượng on Nguyễn Công Trứ street. Chả dông is made from con dông, a reptile that resembles the lizard, while nem nướng is a grilled sausage.

After we finished the satisfactory meal, the friendly owner happily informed us that, although we had ordered one chả dông and two nem nướng, he decided to give us only one chả dông and one nem nướng because he knew we would not eat up our order! How true!

Chả dông Tuy Hòa

Nem nướng Tuy Hòa

A nice place to sample Tuy Hòa’s specialties

From Tuy Hòa, we went 30 km to the North on QL1A (National Route 1A) past Đầm Ô Loan (Ô Loan Lagoon) to Chí Thạnh, Tuy An and turned right into a small village road leading to Mằng Lăng Church and Ghềnh Đá Dĩa.

Đầm Ô Loan

The road via Thôn văn hóa Hội Tín leading to Mằng Lăng Church and Ghềnh Đá Dĩa

Mằng Lăng Church, established in 1892, is the oldest Catholic church in Phú Yên and one of the oldest in Vietnam.

The Gothic architecture of Mằng Lăng Church

Ghềnh Đá Dĩa (Gành Đá Dĩa) is a unique geological wonder that consists of disc-shaped rocks lying neatly one on top of the others on the seashore. It was created when the lava flow met sea water, solidified and then got cracked in multiple directions.

Columns of disc-shaped rocks that make up the impressive beauty of Ghềnh Đá Dĩa

Back in Tuy Hòa, we tried bánh xèo, a popular dish in this city, at 20 Lê Thánh Tôn, an address well-known to locals.

Bánh xèo Tuy Hòa, served at an age-old roadside stall

PHD Photo & Coffee was the place to wrap up our day. This coffee shop is located off the city centre in a quiet neighbourhood. You will need some nerves to get to this place at night but it should be worth your while: cozy atmosphere, wide choice of drinks, and free books to read!

The warm interior of PHD Photo & Coffee

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